Rivet Nut Close End

Rivet Nut , Close End

Material Avaliable:

Aluminum 5056, Stainless Steel

Surface Finish Avaliable:

Clean, Anodic Treatment

Characteristics Of Seal Rivet Nut:

1.Nyplas Is Applied Coating Under The Head Of The Blind Rivet Nut To Provide Sealing Against Air, Dust, Water And Moisture.

2.Working Temperature: -40℃ To 150℃.

Applications Of Seal Rivet Nut:

1.Outdoor Machine

2.Outdoor Electric Equipment

3.Outdoor Lighting Equipment


Other Size, Material Are Available Upon Request

Install Blind Rivet Nut By Hand Tool
Install Blind Rivet Nut By Air Pull Setter
Install Blind Rivet Nut By Air Riveting Nut Tool