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The Industrial development is like an exposition of technology. The technology advances with time, but parts cannot become a product without fasteners like screws, nuts, rivets…etc. It might only play a small part in the product, but it is crucial to the quality of the products, so fasteners are also called “Basic Components of Industries”.

Top Screw has always been a pioneer in the development of fasteners, such as blind rivets, blind rivet nuts, customized fasteners, in Taiwan and sale to the world.

For more than 30 years, Top Screw has always believed and practiced “PRACTICALITY, RESPONSIVENESS, and UNLIMITED IMPROVEMENT” offering quality and cost effective fasteners supporting customers in global market.


Top Screw has designed several ingenious products for the purpose of streamlining production and fast in delivery, they were also rewarded for more than 10 patents in Taiwan, and two of the inventions were also rewarded in Europe and USA, which are:

1982 Top Screw represented Taiwan competing in IENA81(Internationale Ausstellung “Ideen-erfindungen-neuheiten” Nurnberg 1981) Expo. in Germany with Capped self piercing rivet, and was rewarded with a Silver Medal.

1994 Top Screw has received patent from USA (Patent No. 5,294,226), Germany (Utility Model G9304679.0), Taiwan (Patent No. 93368), and Japan (application pending).




Top Screw Metal Corporation was founded during the leaping phase of industrialization in Taiwan. Top Screw started by manufacturing semi-tubular rivets and screws for hand bags and luggage industries.


Top Screw has specialized in manufacturing threaded binding posts, bolts, and rivets for bicycling, electronics, cutleries, and furniture products. This set up a strong foundation of Top Screw for future growth and expansion.


Top Screw has liberated Cutlery industries in Taiwan from the grasp of Japan by introducing the male and female compression rivets, which was also rewarded for a patent.


Top Screw has became well known for specializing in tubular rivets, internally threaded bolts and post with excellent quality and on-time delivery by cold heading machines in Taiwan. our Business has increased steadily.


Top Screw has expanded from the Nan Yau Factory to the new Tay-ho Facility, which was twice larger than previous capacity. Top Screw products have also exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, Southeast and Northwest Asia.


The monthly productions in Top Screw have exceeded 50 million pieces after high-tech multi-stroke cold heading machines were adapted.


Top Screw has invested huge resource in R&D for new products, quality, and delivery timing when annual sales reached 3.5million NTD. Blind Rivet nut has become the major product of Top Screw, and lead Top Screw entering into automotive market.


Top Screw has approved by ISO-9001.


Top Screw has accredited to ISO-9001:2000 again. Top screw has adapted”” Computerised Torque and Tensile testing machine” to ensure the quality of Blind Rivet nuts.


Top Screw has introduced “Self Tapping threaded Insert” in the product list. Tapping department has established in Top Screw to ensure the tapping progress, timing and quality is in control. Sony has begun to purchase “Self-Clinching Nut” from Top Screw.


Top Screw has adopted “Plating thickness testing machine” for plating quality. Top Screw has improved Q.C. result by adopting “Micro Vicker Hardness Tester”, “3D Profile Projector” and “Image Display Sorting Machine”. Top Screw has established cold forging department in Ho-May town, and all the cold forging facilities has moved from Tay-Ho to Ho-May. Top Screw has introduced “Speed Pin Rivets” and “Bolt Rivet Nuts” in the product list.


Top Screw was accredited to ISO9001:2008. Succesfully develope "Bolt Rivet Nut" with Extruded structure Not only improve torque but also rally, prevent bolt and nut separated and rusty issue


Top Screw has introduced “E-Self-driving Nut” in the product list. Anti-theft in public


Top Screw has introduced “Binding Post Screw” in the product list. The help for file archiving


Top Screw was accredited to ISO9001:2015.